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6th Year Career Development Programme

We all remember the stress and anxiety associated with making decisions around our college choices; the filling out of the dreaded CAO form that we've left till last minute and the overwhelming feeling of "Am I making the right choice?"

It doesn't have to be that way; choosing the next phase of your journey should be an enjoyable, informative and uplifting process. 

I've developed this career development programme for you. I want to diminish the stress and anxiety with my dedicated programme for 6th years. Throughout the programme you will learn how to make insightful, positive decisions about your future though a mix of topics:

  • Making Informed Decisions

  • The New World of Work

  • Identifying Interests & Values

  • Exploring Career Options

  • Tapping Into Intuition

6th Year Career Development Summer School

With so many competing priorities, Leaving Cert students find it difficult to give the attention to what is, without doubt, their biggest decision so far. 


This programme has been designed to provide opportunity to take time out at the beginning of the summer holidays to concentrate on what's next after the Leaving Cert.


What's exciting about this programme is that it combines Career Development and Employability Skills Development.


The group is small (6-8) and the day begins and ends with a problem that we will work to solve through the steps of PBL.


Career Coaching

For Students

If you feel that you would benefit from a more direct focus, individual coaching sessions are available.


The aim is to identify and clarify the goals, explore options, devise a realistic plan, and provide support in achieving the goals.

This programme is delivered in 3 separate sessions. Click on the link below to learn more about what each session involves.

Parents Evenings

Parents are important partners in their teenager's development. Without a strong sense of self, young people can struggle to stay on track, educationally and career-wise. Anxiety about their future can affect health and well-being. 

This presentation equips parents with the knowledge to act as a support to their teenagers as they prepare to leave Secondary School and find their way to the next phase of their lives. 


Everything that I have done career-wise has led to me becoming a career coach, from nursing in the eighties, private practice as an Osteopath in the nineties, director of a private higher education college and educational developer through the noughties and beyond.


I love supporting and empowering others achieve their goals, whether it concerns career/work, dealing with tricky situations, making difficult decisions or getting the best out of life generally. One thing my various careers have in common is mentoring – mentoring clients’ manage their health, mentoring students in clinic, mentoring teachers support their students.


The transition to career coach has been a natural next step towards greater empowerment of my clients. Through coaching, I listen to their story, help set goals and work with them reach those goals, whether large or small. I love seeing people grow in confidence, building additional resilience and ready and able to embrace what life has to offer. Helping small groups of 5th and 6th year students discover their interests, therefore opening doors for them to explore and research career options is immensely satisfying. 


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