Free 30-minute Review of CAO Course Choices

Not 100% confident in your course choices and their order of priority?

Want help in testing them out while there is still time to make changes if necessary?

It might be time to schedule a FREE 30-minute ‘review of cao choices’ with me

Choosing what and where to study is a BIG PROJECT. Doing it well requires time, attention to detail and people you trust to bounce ideas off.

5th and 6th year allow little time for anything other than study. As a result, many students find that they have insufficient time to fully explore courses and colleges before submitting their CAO application in January. 

I am offering a  FREE 30 MINUTE ‘Review of CAO Course Choices’  to help you determine how confident you are in the course choices you have made and the order in which you have prioritised them. Did you cast your net wide enough when considering your options in the first place? In relation to each course listed, does most of the course content interest you? Have you considered the commute to college? Our discussion will help you determine if you might benefit from some support or not.

Please reach out by contacting me directly or submit your details using the form below.