BILL's Story

Bill was 19 when he attended for some coaching sessions. He had to make a big decision that he felt would greatly alter the course of his life. He was a musician and passionately wanted to build the best life possible around a career in music. A year previously, Bill was offered what he described as his dream course. The college was renowned for producing excellent musicians and was based in Boston. For some reason unknown to Bill, his sense of elation and excitement was quickly followed by a gut feeling that something wasn’t quite right, even though his family and friends all commented on how lucky he was. He deferred his place for a year. At our first meeting it became clear that Bill had less than two weeks to decide if he should take up the offer and pay his deposit.

I worked with Bill to tease out the issues that were playing on his mind in relation to this course and why he wasn't sure about going ahead. With further guidance and research it emerged that the outcomes of taking the course may not be as straight forward or welcome as assumed. 


Further work saw Bill develop a range of alternative options (other college course) that would see him reach his ambitions in a way that would suit in the immediate and long term.


Throughout the process Bill and I worked on his value system and what mattered most to him. He wanted to live and work reasonably close to family and friends as he developed his career. Through questioning, Bill discovered when and how his intuition had tried to alert him to the possibility that all might not be as it appeared. Now that he was getting to know how this gut feeling was making its presence known, he planned to avail of it in future.


About two months after our coaching sessions ended, Bill got an offer from the most prestigious of his top five colleges. Needless to say, he accepted the offer immediately.

Once Bill had made his decision to reject the Boston offer, he could then redirect his internal compass and give his full attention to achieving his new goal, which took account of other important areas of his life, not just his career.