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last chance! 
CAo change of mind

has your teen make the best choices?

At least one in four Leaving Cert students will drop out of college before completing their course. Informed decision-making increases their chances of choosing the best path.


Contact me

if your Leaving Cert student is

  • Unsure what they want to do in September

  • Not 100% confident in their CAO course choices

  • Unsure about the order in which to list courses

  • Torn between courses A & B and unable to decide

  • Unsure about the need for a Plan B

  • Unsure if they have done enough research on the courses

  • A bit overwhelmed 

  • Wondering if there are more suitable courses out there

  • Thinking that college might not be right for them

  • Choosing courses based on what friends are planning

  • Choosing courses/careers that family members did

  • Changing their mind at the last minute - second-guessing themselves

How this works

Some teens may need only one session, while others may need two sessions.

This really depends on their level of clarity around their course choices.

The most important thing now is to clarify their thoughts and make decisions that they can stand over. 

Book a CAO course review today (first session 20% discount).

By clicking the button below you can avail of your discount and as soon as I receive your payment, you will be contacted to book your session as soon as possible. Feel free to email me if you have any doubts about the payment method:

July 1st at 5 pm is the final date for any amendments to course choices and order of preference on all CAO 2022 applications.
I can help you fine-tune your application.


Anne has been such a helpful and reassuring voice. She has instilled me with the utmost confidence and has guided me in researching my career interests. Her help has been invaluable in relieving stress and ensuring all possibilities have been explored.


My daughter Rachel attended Anne in preparation for CAO 2021. Anne gave her great insight into the whole process. Anne set tasks for Rachel to tease out what areas were of interest to her. By Christmas, Rachel had decided the layout of her CAO application and it took a lot of pressure off the important study months. I would highly recommend Anne and her approach.


Equip your teen with the skills needed to choose the best path.

Presented by Anne mangan

Anne is a Registered Career Development practitioner, with a special interest in helping young people get off to a great start in their career journey. She has over 30-years’ experience in higher education - as a tutor, programme director, educational developer, and educational consultant.

Aware of the challenges facing young people as they transition from secondary school into higher education, Anne helps teenagers figure out what they want to do and helps them devise a list of well researched CAO courses that are right for them.

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