Today’s work environment increasingly reinforces the need to take control of our career development, whether we are starting out or starting over. Things have come a long way from the ‘permanent and pensionable’ jobs. The new world of work is made up of flexible part-time temporary workers, contract workers and company’s key employees. An essential ingredient for success in the workplace is taking control of our own career development.

As a Career Coach I provide a safe and challenging environment for clients to connect with their career goals and ambitions. I support clients to recognise and take responsibility for their own career success, coaching clients to discover and overcome personal barriers and set meaningful goals.


For Career Start-Ups, I can help you evaluate your career options and devise an action plan to ensure that your first step on the path to a successful career is right for you.  The goal is to match the job to your interests and innate strengths, those talents that are uniquely yours, those activities that you love doing.


For those already on a career path, I can help you reevaluate if your work life is serving you and support you to clarify what you want from life and your career.


With greater clarity about what is right for you, I help you devise and put into action a personal career development plan.



Cabinteely and Baggot St.


€100 Per One Hour Coaching Session



Jane needed to make a change in her career but she wasn't sure what direction to take. 

Find out how she addressed the process and what worked for her.