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Research shows that the national drop-out rate for first year students in college is about 15%, or 1 in 6, but can be as high as 70% on some specialised courses.


It also shows that of those who continue with their college course, more than 50% admit that they chose the wrong career path.

6th Year is a different ball game to what you would have experienced in your previous school years. There is suddenly a tremendous amount of pressure resulting in stress & anxiety for you, and all in a relatively short space of time. Along with a substantial study & exam workload, there are so many important decisions to be made regarding college courses & career choices that it can be challenging as you try to figure out what your next move is to be. 


When you were a kid, did you have a dream job in mind?


Do you think that dream job is what you want now? Grinds can help you from an academic perspective, but when it comes to career development and the complexities that go with it, many students can feel unsupported. 


Now there is a practical, successful resource to address these issues.


  • The Career Development Programme for Leaving Cert Students equips you with the practical, essential tools needed to make an informed, positive decision that is right for you and will set you up to be happy in your next phase of life. ​

  • During your time on this programme, you will develop a strong sense of self-awareness, identify what makes you tick and ultimately link this to help decide upon a future path that is most likely to make you happy. ​

  • Most importantly, you will be empowered to communicate better with all influencing forces in your life and feel confident in making your next move. 




There are 5 steps, each timed in such a way that takes account of a busy school schedule. It consists of 2 one-to-one coaching sessions and 2 one-day workshops. 


Step 1: The programme starts with a one-to-one coaching session, aimed at identifying your interests and takes about 30 minutes. You complete a questionnaire in advance, which takes less than 15 minutes. 

Step 2: This is the first of two one-day workshops, wherein a small group (max 8) we discuss the world of work and put the next phase (college) in perspective. Focusing on your interests, we identify the level of course information you need to make informed decisions, and then start the research. By the end of the day, you will be very clear about what areas you are researching, the level of course information you need and how to research effectively. You will also begin to consider the type of work environment that suits you best. 

Step 3: This is the part when you conduct your desk-based research at home and keep meticulous records so that you can compare courses and get a sense of what your top 10 courses might be. You also attend appropriate College Open-Days and speak with students on the courses you are considering. 

Step 4: This is the second one-day workshop. The focus this time is on sharing the information you gathered and testing some of the assumptions you may be making. Listening to others is very helpful at this stage as you explore issues not considered so far.  This puts you into a strong position to make an informed decision about each course you choose and then placing them in order of priority. 

Step 5: As some time will have elapsed since you drew up your list of courses, it is likely that new information has come to light resulting in you changing your mind somewhat. You may not yet be sure about the order in which you should list your courses. This one-to-one coaching session provides an opportunity to raise any concerns and iron out any outstanding issues. It takes approximately 1 hour. 

As your decisions have been well informed, you are now happy to submit your CAO Form and can focus on your studies. 


Workshop vENUE
National Yacht Club, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin
Group 1: Monday, October 28th and Thursday, January 2nd. 
Group 2: Tuesday, October 29th and Friday, January 3rd.

Feedback from August 2018 Group attendees:


Me and my five friends had a day-long workshop with Anne. It was intense but we all got a lot out of it. None of us knew what we wanted to do on finishing school and were anxious about making such a big decision soon after the Christmas holidays. By the end of the day, not only did we identify potential sectors of interest, but we knew the steps we needed to go through in order to make informed course choices..


We will meet again for another day-long workshop during the Christmas holidays, where we will finalise our decisions. It has taken a load off our minds, freeing us up to concentrate on our studies. An added bonus from the day with Anne was spending time with friends and getting excited about the future and what we might end up doing. It used to be quite stressful thinking about it but now its something to we're all looking forward to after the exams.




6-8 Attendees Max Per Programme





The cost of the programme is €430. 



This programme is facilitated by Anne Mangan who is a Career Coach and Educational Developer. With over thirty years developing and delivering higher education programmes, working with students, and a mother of four young adults, Anne is passionate about the plight of leaving-cert students when it comes to making career and course decisions.





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