One-to-One Career Coaching Package for 5th and 6th Years consists of three sessions.


Session 1:

This first session focuses on where you are at regarding your interests and course choices. Because we know from experience that once we decide on a particular course of action it is very difficult to look at other options, part of this session is about purposefully identifying your interests and only then we begin to explore course options. You will need to bring a laptop or iPad as we explore some courses together to ensure that 1) you are using the best sources of information and 2) gathering sufficient information to be able to make informed decisions. You also learn more about your preferences in relation to the type of learning environment you are more likely to thrive in.


Duration: 90 minutes



Homework consists of continuing to research courses and identify 10 courses that you are interested in. You are encouraged to keep meticulous records so that you can easily compare courses. 


Session 2: 

This occurs a few weeks later when you have completed your desk-based research. Together we review the courses and look out for assumptions that might influence your decision-making. You begin to weigh your options and get a sense of your preferences. You are now in a position to decide which college Open Days you will attend and will be well equipped to ask useful questions of both faculty and students.


Duration: 90 minutes 


Homework is about gathering more information about each course listed through attendance at Open-Days and taking to students. Once this is complete, it is time to start choosing which courses you prefer and ranking them 1 – 10. 

If you are seriously considering one of the professional programmes, it is a good idea to gain some experience of what the job entails. 


Session 3: 

As this is the final session, the focus is now on ensuring that you have considered all the issues when deciding on order of preferences. 

You are then ready to complete your CAO form. 



Sessions are facilitated by Anne Mangan who is a Career Coach and Educational Developer. With over thirty years developing and delivering higher education programmes, working with students, and a mother of four young adults, Anne is passionate about the plight of secondary school students when it comes to making career and course decisions.


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Testimonial from Student Eanna

I first went to see Anne in January of 6th year. Although I knew what course I wanted to study, I had very little knowledge of the kind of degree that the course offered and of other courses that were available to me in this area. Anne used her wealth of knowledge to put me in the direction of all the information that I needed, while also letting me find it for myself. It was thanks to Anne that I found out about the course that I’ll be studying this year and I couldn’t be more delighted with it. I would highly recommend visiting Anne whether you know what you would like to study in college or not, as through her extensive research, endless information and her caring personality she will almost certainly put you in the right direction.