I am a first year business student in my second semester. I wasn’t enjoying my first few months in college and I doubted my course choice. I decided to meet Anne to seek guidance and to help me see a clearer picture as to where I want to be in a few years.

After working with Anne over three sessions I am a lot more comfortable with what I am doing and I can see my goals for the future.

We identified my strengths and weaknesses. We explored my lifelong ambition to open a bakery and steps I can take to get there when I finish my degree. We looked into courses I didn’t realise were available and ones that I never considered when filling out my CAO. By the end of the final session I realised that the course I am in is the right course for me.

I really appreciate the help that Anne has given me. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is second guessing their career choices or unable to figure out what is the best choice for them.