Throughout my career, my greatest joy has been in seeing students and teachers grow in confidence in delivering a person-centred service, whether that service is coaching students, teaching or physical therapy.

I have been involved in promoting the professionalisation of higher education teachers through membership of the Board of the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning and as Chair of the HECA (Higher Education Colleges Association) Teaching & Learning Committee. I was recently chosen as one of ten National Expert Mentors to pilot the Professional Development Framework.


My career started in the early eighties when I qualified as a nurse and midwife in Dublin. Disillusioned by a healthcare system that I felt lacked fundamental respect for the individual, I studied in the US and UK and qualified as an Osteopath in the early nineties. This enabled me to establish my private practice and provide the type of service that I could stand over and enjoy.


Passionate about hands-on healthcare, my husband John and I set up the Institute of Physical Therapy & Applied Science in Dublin, effectively giving birth to the profession of physical therapy in Ireland. To assist in building the profession, I studied at the World Health Organisation’s regional center at the University of New South Wales, Australia and was awarded a Master’s in Clinical Education in 2007. For me, the joy of being an educational developer meant that I had the tools to support our teaching team develop the physical therapy programme as a truly competency-based programme, focusing on ‘need-to-know’ rather than ‘nice-to-know’ and ultimately the needs of individual patients/clients.


I have carried my experience as educational developer from higher education into secondary education and in addition to offering one-to-one career coaching, I also offer bespoke programmes for 5th and 6th year student and TY students. Small groups of 6 - 8 work beautifully when it comes to exploring interests and career aspirations and providing one-to-one support.

I have a strong interest in educational leadership and educational change. In my role as Programme Director of IPTAS, I have promoted the concept of teaching teams as the key organizational unit when it comes to implementing and sustaining educational change. In 2014, I was invited to contribute to an academic publication Integrative Learning: International Research and Practice, the aim of which was to consider how students might be supported in become integrated thinkers who can see connections in seemingly disparate information and draw on a wide range of knowledge to make decisions. In chapter 12, I outline a case study, which describes the context in which team teaching has been adopted at IPTAS. You can access the book below.

In 2015 I was invited to contribute to an academic handbook Integrative Learning: International research and practice. In chapter 12, my colleague and I outline a case study in support of the view that teaching teams provide the key organisational unit when it comes to implementing and sustaining educational change.

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Certifications & Qualifications
  • Diploma in Career Coaching

  • Diploma in Personal & Business Coaching

  • Masters in Clinical Education

  • Diploma in Osteopathy

  • Certified Midwife

  • Registered General Nurse

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