JOE's Story

Joe is a 50-year-old Company Director, employing twelve people. He has worked very hard at growing his business over the past fifteen years. He no longer has serious money worries, although he does worry about the growing number of competitors in his field. He knows that he should feel proud of his achievements and feel content. Instead he feels inner frustration that he can’t get a handle on. He feels somewhat aimless and empty, to the point that he is feeling down. He feels that his relationship with his wife and children is not what it should be. Joe had never attended a life coach before now and was unsure if this was a good idea. He wasn’t used to asking for help as he was the one who helped solve other’s problems.

We started out by exploring Joe's goals - he felt that he needed to stand back and evaluate his life, where he was at and where he wanted to go. He felt that there was a need for change, but he had no idea what that change looked like. After a little more probing, Joe said that he felt that the change might be around his priorities. He had spent so long prioritising his work that he had lost sight of everything else, including his family. 


Over the course of our sessions, we focussed on taking Joe closer to his goal of having a better work/life balance. We worked through his working day, how he managed, delegated and communicated with his staff. We worked on the best ways for Joe to retain responsibility for the business without having to carry out or micro manage every single task.

Joe also took positive action in looking after his health as he had for many years tried to silence that little voice in his head that said that he wasn’t caring for himself.

Having coached Joe to negotiate roles and job descriptions for his employee, he can hardly believe how this one thing has helped him relax and allow others take responsibility. What surprised him most is how pleased his employees are to have their roles and responsibilities confirmed and fully acknowledged. This gives him great comfort and leaves him free to be creative and innovative, future proofing is business by staying ahead of his competitors.

Joe now leaves work at 5 and rarely checks emails. He has discovered Netflix and enjoys nights in with his family. He has reconnected with a few old friends and has taken up cycling.