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Hi, I’m Anne Mangan and I’m a Career Development practitioner, Coach and Mentor, helping teenagers and young people gain clarity and confidence in making career and course decisions, avoiding costly mistakes. I do this by providing a choice of step-by-step programmes.

Over the years I’ve become fascinated with how young people find their place in the world and how they grow and develop, given the right circumstances, availing of opportunities and managing setbacks. However, I have become increasingly aware of the unprecedented challenges that young people face and the urgency of providing them with the support they need to get off to a good start. Leaving cert students are particularly vulnerable as they are generally ill-equipped for the task of making their first big career decision.


Drawing on 30-years’ experience in higher education as an educator and course developer, my Career Development Programmes are designed to enable students explore and discover for themselves. They start to get to know more about themselves, learn how to research and weigh up information so that they can make informed decisions.


What you can expect  

  • A caring attitude, aware of the stress and anxiety that comes with NOT KNOWING how to figure out what's next. 

  • Someone who listens carefully to you, shares information, encourages you to think more deeply about your future and your course/career choices, opens your mind to new ideas and opportunities, and respects your decisions

  • A step-by-step approach that ensures that you are not overwhelmed

  • Learning by DOING

  • Learning how to access information that is accurate and reliable. 

I offer affordable career development solutions for teenagers and young people who want to get off to a good start.
If you would like to know more about my services please reach out by contacting me directly or submit your details using the form below. 
Certifications & Qualifications
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Career Development

  • Masters in Clinical Education

  • Diploma in Career Coaching

  • Diploma in Personal & Business Coaching

  • Diploma in Osteopathy

  • Certified Midwife

  • Registered General Nurse

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