Choosing Your CAO Courses:



Career Development Programme

for 5th & 6th Years

Choosing CAO courses and listing them in order of priority is a daunting task. I can help simplify the process into easy to manage steps, over

four 1-hour sessions

One-to-One Career Development Programme


This programme consists of three 1-hour and a later follow-up session.

The initial focus is on casting the net wide enough to identify a wide range of interests in a variety of sectors and from there begin to explore course options. We explore courses together initially, to ensure that the source and level of information enables informed decisions to be made. It’s my job to look out for assumptions that might influence decision making and to help weigh up the pros and cons of each option under consideration. Listing the courses in order of preference is the final task. 

Armed with a list of courses, you can then attend College Open Days with the specific purpose of filling in gaps in your knowledge about courses and the all-important extra-curricular activities on offer by the college. 


As new information and insights are likely to have come to light, the final 1-hour session, which occurs close to the CAO Application submission date, focuses on a final review of the courses chosen and their order of preference. You can then submit your CAO Application with confidence and in the knowledge that all the courses listed are of interest and thoroughly researched.

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’I first went to see Anne in January of 6th year. Although I knew what course I wanted to study, I had very little knowledge of the kind of degree that the course offered and of other courses that were available to me in this area. Anne used her wealth of knowledge to put me in the direction of all the information that I needed, while also letting me find it for myself. It was thanks to Anne that I found out about the course that I’ll be studying this year and I couldn’t be more delighted with it. I would highly recommend visiting Anne whether you know what you would like to study in college or not, as through her extensive research, endless information and her caring personality she will almost certainly put you in the right direction’

—  Éanna