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Career Development Summer programme

Choosing Your CAO Courses & More

Concerned about what to do after finishing school? Worried that you won’t be able to give attention to exploring courses and colleges once you start 5th or 6th year?

I can help you not only choose courses that interest and excite you but also gain invaluable life & career skills that will stand to you in the future. I guarantee that it will be a worthwhile, enjoyable experience and will do wonders for your confidence

Career Development Summer programme

€850 per person

This intensive week-long programme is delivered online and runs Monday to Friday, 10.00 – 4.00. It is a safe space where not only will participants discover their interests and feel confident in their course and college choices, but they will have time to consider who they are and who they want to be. We explore topics such as: the new world of work; how to make the best of college; learning from experience; and influences on decision making.


With vast experience of teaching in small groups and understanding the powerful effect of peer-group learning, I know of no better way of helping students develop competence and confidence in their career decision making than in small groups. Great learning occurs because its relaxed and fun.

Choosing between courses and colleges is only the first of many career decisions. This programme gets you off to a great start in developing key career development skills such as: self-awareness, decision-making, opportunity awareness, developing support networks, broadening horizons, accessing resources, and planning.

Programme Outcomes
On completion of the programme, participants will be able to justify their choice of up to ten courses for inclusion on their CAO form and in order of priority. During this process they will also be able to:
  • Identify their interests and what fills them with enthusiasm and motivation
  • Identify what they would like their lives to look like in order to be happy and successful
  • Identify their values and talents
  • Identify various influences on their career decision-making
  • Explore course and career options, and the practicalities
  • Research effectively
  • Be prepared for career events such as Higher Options & Open Days.
Frequently Asked Questions

How is the programme delivered?

The course is delivered online and runs from Monday to Friday, 10am – 4pm.

What is the cost of the programme?

The cost of the programme is €850 per person.

How many students are on a course?

The programme is limited to 6 participants.

Why use small groups?

Unlike the classroom approach that students are used to, the small group approach has several benefits including:


  • Students feel relaxed and are comfortable engaging in the programme

  • The pace of learning works for everyone

  • Deep learning occurs as there is opportunity to delve deeper into the topics

  • While students are guided on what to do and how to do it, they learn to be more self-directed as the week progresses

  • Feeling confident enough to start a conversation about their career with family and friends

  • Being accountable for engaging fully in all activities

  • Making new friends.

How much progress do students make towards completing their CAO form?

They will have a strong 1st draft, which includes all courses that they are genuinely interested in applying for and in order of priority. What’s left is gathering further information on these courses when attending college Open Days. Students will be clear about the gaps in their information and will be able to use Open Days and other career events effectively.

Can a group of friends attend a programme together?

Yes, this is encouraged as friends have significant influence on each other’s career development.

Do parents have a role?

Yes, if they wish. There is an optional 90-minute webinar available for parents, where the focus is on how they can support their teenager’s career development.

Interested in Hearing More? Please reach out by contacting me directly or submit your details using This form.


‘When I used to think of choosing my CAO courses for college, I’d often become anxious and panic at the thought of making such a big decision. I was so confused by all of it, which led me to completely avoid it or even stop considering courses altogether.

I went from being a student who didn’t even have a clue what CAO was to a well-informed student who is incredibly well-informed and ready to take on CAO. All thanks to Anne and her amazing course.

Anne has completely diminished the stress of my CAO on top of my mocks and leaving cert. I know now that I can do this with ease, and I’ll know where to go if I need to gather a bit more information.

There are so many things to consider before picking your CAO courses that I wasn’t aware of. Anne gave me all the right tools and resources to find what’s best for me, all while doing it in a calm and approachable manner that was so easy to understand.‘

—  Alannah

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I am based in Louth but support people from all across Ireland.


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