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Choosing Your CAO Courses



Career Development Programme

for 5th & 6th Years

Choosing CAO courses and listing them in order of priority is a daunting task. I can help simplify the process into easy to manage steps,

over four 1-hour sessions

One-to-One Career Development Programme

€125 - €495

With so many competing priorities, Leaving Cert students find it difficult to give attention to what is without doubt, their biggest decision so far. Figuring out what they would like to do after finishing school and gathering all the information needed to make informed decisions is a BIG PROJECT. It takes time and cannot be rushed.

I have developed my One-to-One Career Development Programme to support students ensure that their course choices and decisions are well informed, setting them up to be happy and successful in the next phase of their lives. I don’t tell people what they should do. Instead, I help them explore and discover for themselves.

The full programme consists of four career coaching & mentoring sessions. Some students may only need one, two or three sessions to achieve their goals.

For more information and to hear testimonials from my past students, click here

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What the Students Say;

“Anne helped me find out about the course that I’ll be studying this year and I couldn’t be more delighted with it.”

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