One to One Leaving Cert Programme

Commencing Leaving Cert in September

Get ahead with your CAO aPPLICATION

Now is the perfect time for teenagers to figure out what they would like to do after finishing school and draw-up a well-informed list of courses that they are interested in including in their CAO Application in January.

With so many competing priorities, Leaving Cert students find it difficult to give attention to what is, without doubt, their biggest decision so far. Figuring out what they would like to do after finishing school and gathering all the information needed to make informed decisions is a BIG PROJECT and can be overwhelming. It takes a lot of time and cannot be rushed. The earlier they start the better. Study and exam pressure build up from early September, allowing little opportunity to focus on anything else. The final date for submission of CAO application is February 1st. Now is the perfect time to start. 

The Anne Mangan One to One Leaving Cert Programme consists of 4 sessions and upon completion leaving cert students will: ​

  • Start the year with a 1st draft of their CAO courses, in order of priority.

  • Justify the reasons why they have included each course.

  • Attend Career Fairs with purpose.

  • Choose to attend College Open Days they wish to participate in and be clear about the information required. 

  • Be clear about the information needed from students and graduates of the courses they are planning on including in their CAO application.

  • Be aware of any special course requirements such as portfolio and put a plan in place to get the work done. 

What I Offer

The programme consists of four sessions.

Session 1:

This first session focuses on where the student is regarding interests and course/career choices. We know from experience that once we decide on a particular career path, it is very difficult to look at other options. This session, therefore, is about casting the net wide enough to identify a wide range of interests in a variety of sectors and from there begin to explore course options.

We explore some courses together to ensure they are:

a) using the best sources of information and 

b) gathering relevant and accurate information to be able to make informed decisions.

They also learn more about their preferences in relation to the type of learning environment they are more likely to thrive in. 

This session takes 90 minutes.

Homework consist of continuing to explore career areas in more detail. Students are encouraged to keep meticulous records so that they can quickly scan relevant information without being overwhelmed. 

Session 2:

This occurs when they have completed their exploration of career sectors through desk-based research. Together we review courses and look out for assumptions that might influence their decision-making. At this point, they begin to weigh options and get a sense of possibilities and preferences. 

This session takes 90 minutes.

Homework consists of continuing to explore courses of interest in more detail. 

Session 3:

We continue to review research completed so far and draw attention to issues that need consideration. The focus is now on supporting the student as they:

  • Draw up their list of courses in order of priority.

  • Decide on college Open days they will attend. 

  • Clarify the information required from both the faculty and students.

This session takes 90 minutes.

Session 4:

A follow-up 30-minute consultation occurs closer to the CAO application submission date as new information and insights will have come to light. 

Cost: €430

Places are limited so book asap by contacting me directly or submit your details using the form below. 

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