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Parents want their children to grow into happy, healthy, independent adults. One of the greatest frustrations for adolescents is not knowing what they want to do after finishing school and one of the greatest frustrations for parents of teenagers in this situation is not knowing how to help them. Not knowing can be a massive trigger for anxiety.

Now more than ever before there is a huge need for parents to be aware of the new reality that teenagers are thrust into. Knowledge is key and enables us make decisions that move us in the right direction. Preparing teenagers for the next phase of their lives is not something that can be left to chance. As the scientist Louis Pasteur said, ‘chance favours only the prepared mind’.

I have written two articles aimed at helping parents gain an overview of some of the challenges facing teenagers as they transition from secondary school into higher education and work, and how parents can support them. A third article provides tips on how to support your teenager who may be considering dropping out of college.


Part 1

How well prepared are secondary school students for the next phase of their lives?


Part 2

What Can Parents do to Support their Teenager transition successfully to Higher Education?



of dropping out of college?

How to support your teenager 

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