Supporting Teenagers Transition Successfully from Second Level

Aware of the challenges facing Secondary School students as they transition into Higher Education, Anne supports senior cycle students and their parents embrace this change, facilitating the successful transition into the next phase of their lives, whether they choose to go directly into higher education or not. Anne also helps parents develop their role in supporting their teenager's successful transition.


Parents are important partners in their teenagers' development. Without a strong sense of self, young people can struggle to stay on track, educationally and career-wise. Anxiety about their future can affect health and well-being. 


This presentation equips parents with the knowledge to act as support to their teenagers as they prepare to leave Secondary School and find their way to the next phase of their lives. Opportunities and challenges are discussed, with advice on how to mitigate the challenges. 




Parents will gain; 


  1. Insight into the challenges of transitioning from Second Level into Higher Education;

  2. Appreciation of the 'New World of Work' and the importance of getting off to a good start;

  3. Advice on supportive approaches parents can take to increase the likelihood of teenagers making a smooth transition into the next phase of their lives. 


Anne is also available to facilitate parents or teenagers in the following:


  • Small group Workshops for Parents wishing to further explore how they might support their teenagers transition successfully into higher education;

  • Small group Workshops preparing Teenagers to set themselves up to successfully transition into higher education;

  • Life Skills Programmes for Teenagers.


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