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Dublin City FM - Concious Living Interview with Liz Valloor - February, 1st 2019

This 30-minute discussion between Liz Valoor and myself focuses on some of the dilemmas faced by parents of 5th & 6th year students and what they can do to mitigate them. For many teenagers, the stress and anxiety of Leaving Cert does not end when the exams end. College poses significant challenges, with two out of three students admitting to having chosen the wrong course. The World of Work is now very different and we as parents need to understand this.

As parents have more influence on their teenager's future than anybody else, it makes sense that the approach we take matters. Parents can play a big part in helping their teenagers get to know themselves, their likes and dislikes, and ultimately knowing intuitively what's right for them.

Listen to the full interview here



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