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Dublin City FM - Concious Living Interview with Liz Valloor - March, 15th 2019

Liz Valloor and I continued the discussion started in February. Here we spoke about some of the issues associated with the Leaving Cert - how it suits some types of intelligences over others, the point system and the fruitlessness of rote learning. Liz was interested in one of the more Active learning approaches I use in my Career Development Summer School, known as Problem-Based Learning, or PBL. In starting with the problem and using a process to arrive at a solution or answer, students learn a wide range of very important Inter-personal skills such as; communication, problem-solving, research, sharing information & teaching others, and working collaboratively. They gain confidence in managing complex situations, setting them up to succeed for the future.

Staggering changes to the workplace since 2008 make it essential that young people know themselves and follow their interests. Career Development is no longer a 'nice to have' skillset but a 'must have'. It is estimated that current school-goers will have changed jobs 10 - 12 times before the age of 38, requiring them to make regular complex career decisions.

Listen to the full interview here.


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