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What CAO Course is for ME?

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Concerned about what to do after finishing school? This programme is designed for you.

Choosing between college courses and colleges is only the first of many career decisions facing Leaving Cert 2022 students.

Upon completion of my CAO Application programme participants (max 6) will be able to justify their choice of up to ten courses for inclusion on their CAO form, in order of priority.

Skills learned will mean students can now:

  • Identify their interests and what fills them with enthusiasm and motivation

  • Identify what they would like their lives to look like in order to be happy and successful

  • Identify various influences on their career decision-making

  • Explore course and career options, and the practicalities

  • Conduct effective research

  • Get more out of career events such as College Open Days.

The programme is delivered through a combination of face to face facilitated small group work (max 6 students) and one to one online coaching sessions. Great learning occurs because it is relaxed and enjoyable.

Venue: The Mill Enterprise Centre, Drogheda, Co Louth.

Programme Timetable - CAO Application Programme Timetable Anne Mangan.pdf

Book Early - Class limit 6 students.

Parents’ Webinar

Parents play a key role when it comes to supporting their teenagers in the successful transition from secondary school to the next phase of their lives. For this reason, I include an optional 90-minute webinar for parents at the beginning of the programme. It aims to inform on all things related to the career/course choices that their teenager is facing so that they can be confident regarding the support they provide.

Testimonials - Past participants

By the end of the week, I had ten courses, in various colleges, all that interested me greatly. Throughout the week she provided us with helpful information about courses and colleges, which was extremely useful. I found Anne very enthusiastic in helping us research these courses in detail. The course was divided into different stages, guiding us to the courses we were interested in". Alice

"I gained a more detailed understanding of the wide variety of courses that exist and clarified the courses I was interested in. A better understanding of what I would and would not like to do". Fiona

"Questioning myself and opening my mind to courses and careers I wouldn’t have thought of. I now have a greater understanding of what I’d like to do in college". Kate

Testimonials - Parents

"My daughter was stressed about CAO. The course put things in perspective and put order on things, so she is no longer stressed".

"The course widened possibilities and ideas – new areas, lots of courses".

"My daughter liked the intensive nature of the course. She learned how to research…brilliant investigation into courses and colleges"

Contact me today to book your place.

Tel: 00 353 86 8108192

CAO Application Programme Timetable Anne Mangan
Download PDF • 1.40MB

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