Career Development Summer programme

Choosing Your CAO Courses & More

Concerned about what to do after finishing school? Worried that you won’t be able to give attention to exploring courses and colleges once you start 5th or 6th year?

I can help you not only choose courses that interest and excite you but also gain invaluable life & career skills that will stand to you in the future. I guarantee that it will be a worthwhile, enjoyable experience and will do wonders for your confidence


“There are so many things to consider before picking your CAO courses that I wasn’t aware of. Anne gave me all the right tools and resources to find what’s best for me, all while doing it in a calm and approachable manner that was so easy to understand.” 

Career Development Summer programme

€495 per person

We know that adolescents who feel competent in making career decisions, tend to make more satisfying career choices later in life. We also know that friends can be highly influential when it comes to our decision making. Choosing courses and colleges is a big task with so much to consider and weigh up.

This is the reason I’ve developed an intensive week-long programme for small group (6 participants only), preparing to commence 5th or 6th year in September. Its run over the summer holidays.

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Currently enrolling for the following dates:


  • June 14 - June 18 2021

  • June 28 - July 2 2021

  • July 12 - July 16 2021

  • July 26 - July 30 2021

  • Aug 9 - Aug 13 2021

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